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Tiffani Boutique’s hors d’oeuvre trays; perfect for outdoors dinners

Tiffani Boutique’s hors d’oeuvre trays are absolutely among the most requested products. When you’re buying a tableware set, it’s rather difficult to turn down beautiful ceramic and porcelain hors d’oeuvre trays of such coordinated décor! Why doing without? We have several models [...]

24 June 2015

Stylized figures: elegance and design

Do you also enjoy decorating your house with peculiar objects? Personalising environments can turn a simple property into your home. Only this way will you really be able to feel good. Tiffani Boutique’s ceramic stylized figures could just be what you need. We’re talking about real-design [...]

17 June 2015

Ceramic cups for coffee, tea and breakfast

On Tiffani Boutique’s online catalogue, a great company act at realising Made-in-Italy tableware sets and home-furniture accessories, we can also find numerous ceramic cups. - CERAMIC CUPS FOR THE BREAKFAST In this section you can find all the large cups with breakfast plate; perfect [...]

10 June 2015

Ceramic plates: the set “Spaghettata”

Today we want to introduce you to a certainly original and beautiful set of plates in ceramic, 100% made in Italy, with a decoration motive that is definitely… Italian! We’re talking of the “Set Spaghettata”, 5 magnificent steep plates in ceramic which are ideal for first courses and, [...]

03 June 2015

A coffee cup set by Tiffani Boutique.

Summer or winter, morning or evening, after meals or in the afternoon, bitter or sweet, with milk or is always good! Are you lovers of this worldwide drink too? We're concentrating on all you coffee lovers today; buy a fantastic coffee cup set by Tiffani Boutique. Our [...]

27 May 2015

Ceramic and porcelain risotto dish, 100% Made in Italy.

Are you planning on cooking a delicious risotto for your guests? The doubt that arises is always the same: flat plate or bowl? Tiffani Boutique has the answer to this dilemma with a product studied ad-hoc; ceramic and porcelain risotto dishes in round or oval shapes, 100% Made in Italy, [...]

20 May 2015

Ceramic dinner service as a wedding gift.

Spring and summer are the seasons in which the most weddings take place, maybe due to the favourable weather conditions. In fact if we imagine a wedding celebration, we think of an open-air location, decorated gardens, welcoming restaurants and dancing until the early hours. If you have a [...]

13 May 2015

Ceramic hors d'oeuvres dish and a few ideas for spring.

Cooks at home, today we’re talking to you to give you some interesting springtime ideas for your aperitifs and appetizers. Tiffani Boutique wants to give you some tasty recipes to prepare and enjoy with your friends and family, presenting them all on our fantastic ceramic hors d’oeuvres [...]

06 May 2015

Jars for the kitchen, choose your decorations!

Spring is in the air, time for a change and not only in the wardrobe but also around the house! When the first sun and warm weather arrives let’s get furnishing accessories and objects that are full of colour…Tiffani Boutique is your ally! Our company deals with the production of [...]

29 Avril 2015

Wrought iron tables: enjot the Springtime.

The first days of sun and warm weather are the nicest, the most awaited, most desired, most enjoyable. If you have a garden available make the most of it, live your Springtime to the extreme, buy a wonderful wrought iron table by Tiffani Boutique to furnish it. This structure in wrought iron [...]

22 Avril 2015

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