Vases, garden pots and cachepot

The vessel is the container that is normally decorated with flowers or other ornamental things . The vessel can be made of a wide range of materials, from the particular metal to glass jars or cool furniture, modern pottery for gardens or green spots inside the house. The ceramic vases and porcelain hand decorated Tiffani Boutique are more aristocratic, more refined and decorated their own environments to which we hold: the house, garden, terrace. We know that all vessels are composed of a foot, a body, a shoulder, neck, lips and in the case, also handles: the ceramic vase hand painted Tiffani Boutique has a lot of details in all its parts because its implementation is completely handmade, fully manual, and the porcelain decoration are artfully executed according to the Italian craft traditions and the place. This also applies to Tiffani Boutique porcelain ceramic lamps, fitted with shade, for pot or ceramic pot covers porcelain and Tiffani Boutique and gardener ceramic porcelain Tiffani Boutique. A world of snazzy Tiuffani articles that make up a puzzle house ceramic porcelain Tiffani Boutique, which transform the environments in small showroom of art residing at home and at any time you can appreciate and enjoy.

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