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The history of the kitchen leads to the dawn of human civilization since man discovered that foods cooked in the fire were more delicious but also more digestible. When it comes to kitchen an always new world opens. The cuisine of a people is the culture of that people. The cuisine argument opens many other important treatises such as gastronomy and oenology. The kitchen is also linked to ethical factors that may influence the way and the things to cook. The Italian cuisine is very rich and full of surprises from region to region because of the countless invasions over the centuries of the Italian peninsula: that which we call the Mediterranean diet is a summary of cultural and gastronomic history of all Italy. The Romans and before them the Etruscans and Celts, Lombard’s, the Normans and the Arabs, then the Spaniards, Austrians, these people have left their culinary contributions along the centuries, which is why within the Italian cuisine, if you just travel 20 kilometers to the right or left of the country in which you are located, the menu changes and you already discover some culinary news..
The kitchen is also the place where the food is cooked and in order to do this we need a range of kitchen accessories and Tiffani Boutique, with its hand-painted porcelain accessories, offers a wide range of kitchen accessories: Kitchen roll holders, glass holders, bread bins, based cookware, the plates holder, the small hooks, cookware, a wide range kitchenware jewelry, little works of art that make the aristocratic ménage and make enjoyable to stand by the stoves between cookware and foods, surrounded by extremely useful tools, but also pleasant to look and to touch, aware of using valuable items, the result of one by one handwork. All this is Tiffani Boutique, creative kitchen of ceramic, porcelain and majolica jewelry to delight the creative cooks of the world's cuisine.

A kitchen is one of the places in the house where we spend most of our time. Cooking in order to win the heart of your husband, to challenge your friends, to show your mother how good you are …, Tiffani Boutique adds more value to cooking, making it unique. A hand-frescoed saucepan set Tiffani Boutique made of enameled steel is the very real work of art. For these truly aristocratic and royal saucepans you can choose one of a variety of offered ornamental decoration to meet each and every of your wishes. You will observe your ideas invisibly turning into reality under the brush of our designers, and they’ll remain as-you-see-them for ever. A saucepan set may also be a nice gift for a mother or a granny who have always served great dinners and excellent suppers. A saucepan set of the Tiffani Boutique brand may also become an item on a list of wedding gifts for your newly married friends. Tiffani Boutique will actually offer you a variety of top-quality goods, and you’ll never go wrong by buying them: anything from place settings (plates, glasses, cutlery, fruit plates, gravy boats and oven dishes) and items of home decoration (vases, lamps, art porcelain) to exterior elements (forged steel tables, ceramic lanterns), and, finally, fragrances and aroma. Here we have absolutely everything, visit our stores to see the quality and beauty of the articles with your own eyes, you’ll get lost in art. You’ll find a battery of saucepans, as well as all other products. Give yourself a corner of magic under the sign Tiffani Boutique, and you will never regret it.

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