In Italian pirofile literally means lover of the heat and the Tiffani Boutique porcelain bakers, round oval or rectangular, they love the heat because they resist to the high oven temperature and to the temperature changes. Tiffani Boutique unique porcelain dish that, while retaining the charm and elegance of the decor, it shows the muscles and control fire, but as soon as it appears on the table with its masterpiece of cooking, that's unleashed a chorus of praise loads of sympathy for the cook: the guinea fowl is there, in the center of the table, in the porcelain baker decorated Tiffani Boutique.


Kitchen, as well as ther other parts of the house, ha the right of having in it true masterpieces. Tiffani Boutique Boutique helps you reach that goal. This brand is one of the most elegants between Made in Italy brands, synonym of class, refinement and elegance since years. Today it oresents you the precious collection of bakers made of porcelain, rigorously hand painted. Rectangular, oval, more or less big, they resist to high temperatures and temperatures sudden change. The quality of these bakers depends not only on the quality of the material used, but also on the hand painted themes that you will be able to chose. You will be able indeed of chosing which pattern you want to fire on your baker to coordinate it to a tableware set, to glasses, cutlery, fruit-stands, salad bowls, gravy boats and pitchers. For your occasions, your table signed Tiffani Boutique will let your guests stay mouth opened! Imagine cooking your favourite recipes, dispose them inside the baker, introduce them in the oven and than bring them on the table and bring rainbow of colours and sensations.
Your partner, your friends, your important guests or simply your family will apprecite even more your delicacies. It will be a unique satisfaction! Trust Tiffani Boutique quality, come visit our shops, observe our items and maybe satisfy your needs. Chose Tiffani Boutique for your bakers and you will let your work inside the kithcen become more precious. It will be a pleasure spending time beside your small masterpieces.

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