Wine Glasses

Italians will always find a place for a good glass of wine on their tables. And if we add the elegance and the class of a beautiful glass to the exhilarating taste of wine and its floral bouquet, the result may be really extraordinary. Tiffani Boutique is the leading producer of ceramics and glassware, cutlery sets and interior items – the symbol of pure craftsmanship Made in Italy. In view of this you can choose between diverse and magnificent collections of wine glasses, created by the hands of professional craftsmen. Let your fantasy free and have a look at all our works: do you prefer bright and attention-getting colors, such as colors of the wine glass Vinci Ice, transparent and colored, like the wine glass Vinci Classic, or may be another original decoration - a transparent wine glass with colored lines Vinci Vertical Line? You’ll never be disappointed with the quality and the beauty of these products, you’ll have such a great range of options to change and to choose that even the most demanding tastes will be satisfied. Another advantage of Tiffani Boutique is its completeness, because these wine glasses may be supplemented with water glasses of a bigger size and drink glasses, as well as sets of plates, oven dishes, cutlery, saucepans and all the things essential for your table on a great occasion. Trust the experts to make a favorable impression. Elegance of the table has always been the synonym of the high-class.

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