Milk jugs

Next to the coffee pot and the tea pot, the milk jug is part of the family of breakfast and tea time complements, loved and desired moments all day long. The white porcelain or ceramic Tiffani Boutique milk jug with their essential style make a wonderful presence in all the Tiffani Boutique compositions. The porcelain or ceramic milk jug, hand decorated Tiffani Boutique may also be present during the family breakfast, with croissants, coffee and milk, cereal, biscuits, when the mother puts a hurry to the children who are about to leave home for school, the milk also present as "cream jug" when in the winter afternoons you invite a group of female friends to take afternoon tea at home, the same friends will immediately notice the cup for tea, the teapot, the sugar bowl, a saucer for lemon slices, the dessert plate full of fragrant cookies and of course the milk jug with some completely original designs made by hand. The Tiffani Boutique milk jug (like coffee or tea services) in their perfection are also wonderful items to give to the same best friends in special occasions.

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