Soup Tureens

The soup, in classical parlance, is the first dish after the appetizer: thick or liquid, but in the common meaning of the term, means for soup the dinner dish more or less liquid. In Italy, but also in the world, it is almost impossible to classify soups, ranging from traditional Italian-style clear soup (broth with croutons, meat, pasta, vegetables), including the different types of consommés, soups so-called joined up to the stews and soups. The soups are an ancient lineage family: soups with broth and plain or toasted bread, fish soup, vegetable soups. So it's an arduous job to imprison in rigorous classes such a wide range of culinary solutions around a dish that essentially consists of soup and an infinite possibility of combinations: from meat to vegetables, from dry bread from to the cereals, from fish to vegetables and so on. Serving a pasta and beans soup, if cooked well of course is always delicious, but when presented in a porcelain soup tureen Tiffani Boutique hand -decorated, the impact is different: the added value is evident. A rich stew of vegetables, legumes, a pinch of pepper and other spices in a ceramic soup tureen Tiffani Boutique creates a festive atmosphere course of important main dish. A majolica white soup tureen Tiffani Boutique which contains a fish soup fish soup flavored with spices and refined aromas is a delicate way of showing the guests at the table that even the simplest and traditional preparations of the past classical cuisine can be may revive in time to be handed down again.

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